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Canvas Wig Heads vs. Styrofoam - Or why we prefer the Canvas experience!

Hi Everyone,

We get a lot of questions about the styling and care of your human hair wig.  One of the main tools utilized to care for your wig or hair addition is a styrofoam or canvas head.  You will need someplace to place/store your wig at night.  We recommend a canvas wig head over a styrofoam head for a couple of reasons;

1) Canvas wig heads are more durable - they are not going to fall apart the way a styrofoam wig head will.

2) They also help absorb the moisture of a freshly shampooed wig, allowing it to dry faster.

3) They provide a more sturdy, comfortable base to operate from while styling your wig.

You will need a counter or suction clamp to place the wig head on - we prefer the counter clamp if you have the counter space to attach it to as it holds the head in position very firmly while still allowing you to move the clamp around from side to side and back to back while blow-drying and styling your hair.

Canvas wig heads come in two sizes - regular for medium to short hair lengths and "long-necked" for longer hair styles.  You would order based on your head size - typically a 1/2 inch to 1'inch smaller than your head circumference to prevent any stretching of your wig or hairpiece.

You can order on-line at;  or if you're in the Seattle area, call us to schedule a complimentary consultation to show you how to use a wig head to streamline your styling process. You will receive 20% off any clamp purchase when you buy a canvas wig head from now, until August 31st 2011!!  

Our goal is for EVERY day to be a great hair day!   

As always, I welcome your comments and questions.


Judi Collier  





Trichotillomania 20th Annual Retreat - Sept 14th-18th 2011!

Hi Everyone,

We have many clients who are living with Trich - it can be emotionally stressful and challenging to face on your own.  As with all growth opportunities in life, great healing and expansion can occur when we share and connect with others.   For those of you that can make it to Pennsylvania in September to participate in the annual Trichotillomania retreat and I would encourage you to make the trip!    Register on-line at The Trichotillomania Learning Center at;

And as always, everyone here at William Collier Design is available & ready to help with providing you solutions to any hairloss your experiencing.  Feel free to call or email us for a free consultation appointment to learn more.

See below for an excerpt about the retreat from the TLC website - if you haven't been to their website before, check it out at:   We consider the Trichotillomania Learning Center to be THE place to get educated about Trichotillomania and the latest research available on the subject.

Please feel free to offer your comments and suggestions!

Judi Collier


Trichotillomania 20th Annual Retreat - Sept 14th-18th 2011!

Come together for a unique opportunity for hair pullers and skin pickers of all ages, and their families, to learn and heal surrounded by a supportive community.

The four-day Retreat, set in a rustic, natural environment, provides the setting to step away from regular patterns and surroundings and learn useful new skills from some of the world’s most knowledgeable treatment professionals and workshop facilitators.

Workshops by expert specialists and facilitators provide solid education about current treatments, shame reduction, stress management & more, with an emphasis on experiential learning.

Be embraced by the beauty of nature and discover effective pathways to behavioral change, wholeness and recovery. Make new friends, learn new skills, have some fun and open the doors to transformation.

“Attending was an important inner demonstration of my courage and ability to face trich. Meeting all the wonderful people really helped me start to accept not only others, but myself.”


William Collier Design Staff are EXCITED about the Esprit Gala 2011!

Hi Everyone,

As I'm sure most of you know, we are a strong supporter of the Transgender community here in Seattle & we have happily attended several Emerald City Social Club events.  I have been moved & uplifted by the courage and beauty in the people I have met - I believe the feminine ideals of grace and compassion are truly personified in these women.  

Myself and two of my stylists/techinicians are preparing to attend the Esprit Gala in Port Angeles this coming weekend (May 15th - 22nd) and are SO excited to have some fun with some of our favorite people.

We will be presenting a seminar on Wigs, the differences between synthetic & human hair - why we're different than other hair replacement companies (A. Because we are anal perfectionists  B. Because we care about you  C. Because we care about you)   And we are going to do a MAKEOVER on a willing participants wig!

If you are a member of the Transgender community and you're looking for a caring, supportive and private environment to receive your salon & hair replacement services in - we would love the opportunity to be of service to you.

Call us for a complimentary consultation appointment today to learn more about the services and products we offer.

We look forward to seeing you in Port Angeles!!


Judi Collier

Cancer & Hairloss - Information for Seattle Women

Hi Everyone,

We had a consultation today with an old friend - 20 years ago she used to come see William for her haircut's it was so lovely to see her,  but we were not happy as to the reason....  she came to us because she is losing her hair due to chemotherapy treatments.    Like so many women who come through our doors,  she was unprepared for the emotional toll that part of the cancer treatments would take on her psyche.   

We were happy she called, and happy we could offer her support & hope.   She left feeling comforted that we could customize a wig that would closely replicate her current hairstyle & she could go about her life without needing to worry about her hair.   

It may seem like a small detail compared to fighting the cancer itself - but I know from personal experience with my own family members that being able to go about your day to day life without feeling like you've got a "Cancer" stamp on your forehead is important.   

Looking normal (with hair as opposed to not) allows you to focus your energy where it belongs - on beating the Cancer.  And not having to talk about it all the time or deal with how other's are perceiving you can be a great freedom.

If you are going to lose your hair due to Cancer treatments, we can help - call us for a free consultation appointment to learn more.

Also, I've reprinted some some general information on Chemotherapy and hair loss below - I think it's a really informative article.

As always - I welcome your comments and questions.

Judi Collier



Radiation Therapy

Hair Loss Information

For some people the word cancer creates fear and confusion. This can also be applied to chemotherapy and radiation therapy used in cancer treatment. Patients can be uneasy about the treatment and possible side effects particularly hair loss.
It’s only natural. This is not an everyday occurrence for you. You may not be prepared. Given the facts and the opportunity to study them, most of us will feel less fearful. We feel better about the treatment, and we cooperate better because we understand what is happening and more importantly why.
That’s the aim of this booklet: To give you facts in non-medical language about the relationship between chemotherapy, radiation therapy and hair loss.
Cancer, as a term, applies to a large group of diseases characterized by uncontrolled growth and spread of abnormal cells. The biochemical process, through which cancerous cells reproduce and grown in the body, is similar to the way healthy body cells actively reproduce. The “growing” stage in the hair root cycle, and the abnormal growth of cancer cells, are very much alike.
It surprises most people to learn that strands of their “growing” hair are technically lifeless. Real growth only takes place in the hair follicle (the root). Here a constant process of cell division is taking place. Certain amino acids – nature’s building blocks – are taken from the blood feeding the hair roots, to be joined with the dividing cells.
New cells begin to form into chains. Those chains link up with other chains. The result is a long fiber. By this time, the nucleus of the original cell is dead. The amino acids have formed into a hard keratin. 
What is keratin? It is the protein substance that hair and nails are made from. It is inert or lifeless. It gets pushed ahead by the newly forming cells in the hair root (follicle). As it gets pushed farther and farther out, hair appears to “grow”. And in a sense it really does. From the roots, not the ends.
This briefly sums up a very complex chemical process. The point is, hair growth takes place in the hair root where the amino acids from the blood first join with the dividing cells. Significantly, this same process is the one by which all body cells reproduce themselves.
The hair follicle follows this pattern on a cyclical basis. That is, the root builds the hair shaft for a period of time, and rests for a while. Then, it begins producing hair again. The building state is one of the body’s most active “growing” processes.
 Since cancer is a condition of uncontrolled cell growth, anticancer drug administration (such as chemotherapy) aims at reducing, or stopping, this abnormal growth. Medical science continues to gain knowledge of the growth processes both of normal and abnormal cells. At the same time, the biochemical and pharmacological members of the health team have made tremendous progress in learning more about specific ways certain drugs act upon cell reproduction.
Success in selection and administration of drugs, to take advantage of the vulnerability of cancer cells during their growth cycle, has been a blessing to millions. Drugs have become increasingly more useful (along with radiation and other means) in treating many forms of cancer. It has become possible to preserve the lives of more people every day.
Anticancer drugs act on both normal cells and cancerous cells. All cells are more receptive to the action of drugs during active cell reproduction. Cells which reproduce most rapidly are those most likely to be destroyed. Some normal cells – such as hair follicles – also divide rapidly, which is why they are also affected by chemotherapy.
Science has not yet discerned how to make today’s drugs able to distinguish between rapidly reproducing normal cells and abnormal cells. Your health team will work with you to carefully balance the benefits with the risks.
At any one time, about 85% of the hair follicles are reproducing on the human scalp. This is when hair gets longer. For this reason, chemotherapy drugs whose chief purpose is to attack and destroy the rapidly reproducing cancer cells may have the same effect on your active hair cells.
Various drugs are used in chemotherapy treatment. The amount of hair loss depends upon the type and dosage prescribed. Your medical health team can advise you on what to expect about hair loss. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
Not all chemotherapy drugs cause hair loss. Best of all, in all but rare instances, the loss of hair is temporary. When chemotherapy is completed, you can expect that the hair follicles will resume their task of processing amino acids from your blood and building new hair for you.
Radiation therapy is the use of high energy rays to stop cancer cells from growing and multiplying. Radiation therapy is the use of high energy rays to stop cancer cells from growing and multiplying. Radiation destroys the ability of all cells within its reach – cancerous and normal – to grow and reproduce. However, cancer cells are more sensitive to radiation than normal cells. If radiation is given just as the cancer cell is about to reproduce – to divide into two cells – the radiation will prevent the cell from dividing and it will die. 
Radiation is a strong treatment for cancer and can sometimes affect normal tissues, causing side effects. With radiation treatments to the head and neck area, one possible side effect may be hair loss. 
You may temporarily lose some or all of your hair (called alopecia) in the area being treated. In most cases your hair will start growing again after you’ve finished your treatments.
Losing your hair isn’t easy. It may take some adjustment. Some people choose to cover their heads with a hat, scarf, or turban. Others prefer to replace their hair. If you choose to replace your hair, you can choose a fashionable wig, or you can choose a prosthetic hair system.
Happily, wiggy-looking “wigs” are a thing of the past. Technology has advanced considerably. You can look the way you like. You can even enhance your self image. There are different types of wigs available. Human hair wigs tend to be more expensive and need servicing similar to a normal hair cut/coloring schedule. Some synthetic wigs are less expensive, and some special synthetic wigs are more expensive. They are easier to style, wash easily, dry quickly, and need less care. Both can look very natural because they can be fitted specifically to your head.
Hair prostheses are the latest technological advance in replacing lost hair. They are made to meet the specific needs of the hair loss patient. They are form fitted to become part of you and designed to be styled as though it were your own hair. Prosthetic hair washes easily, dries quickly, and needs minimal care. It’s very natural in appearance and the most flexible in application.
By obtaining a wig or prosthetic hair system before the effects of therapy begin to be obvious is a good idea. Get one styled to look like your own familiar style, or select a different style. Some men and women do both. No one needs know you have lost your hair. A professional hairstylist, wig salon, or hair clinic, familiar with your type of hair loss can fit you with one that defies detection.
A wig or hair prosthesis may be tax deductible medical expense, and is sometimes covered by insurance. Contact both the Internal Revenue Service and your health insurance company to find out. Some hospitals, clinics and organizations have free wig programs or can help offset the cost. The American Cancer Society, Cancer Information Service, your medical health team, or a social worker may be very helpful in this respect.
Fortunately – chemotherapy and radiation therapy act on the new cells being reproduced, not on the hair follicles themselves. Hence, hair loss will be temporary in most cases. You can expect normal hair growth to return when therapy is discontinued. 
Meanwhile, take better-than-routine care of your hair and scalp during therapy. With the approval of your doctor or nurse, follow these good hair care guidelines:
·        Shampoo regularly (every 2 to 4 days).
·        Avoid high heat, such as in dryers and combs, in drying or styling your hair.
·        Comb or brush gently to minimize undue strain on your hair. (Try a baby hairbrush with soft bristles.)
·        Avoid braids, corn-rows or naturals.
·        Do not sleep with rollers in your hair.
·        Consider using a satin pillowcase. Think of the luxury! This will reduce friction between your hair and the pillowcase.
·        Above all, stay away from any kind of harsh chemical treatments to your hair – such as coloring, permanent waving.
Keep your hair and scalp clean with gentle products. And don’t believe the myth that covering your head can impede future hair growth. It doesn’t.
We hope this information will help you cope better with the expected hair loss during therapy by knowing the facts. When in doubt, consult your medical health team.
And remember, a positive attitude won’t hinder therapy of any kind.
Reprinted from IHI - International Hairgoods, Inc.

We LOVE the Luxor Professional "Wet Brush" Detangling Shower Brush!!!

Hi Everyone,

We unanimously agree - this brush is AWESOME!  One of my employee's has a 7 year old daughter whose hair is a constant tangled disaster area with the each hair brushing session bringing trauma to both the mother and daughter.  I gave her the detangling wet brush as a gift and everything is now puppies and rainbows! 

But seriously, she swears by this brush - it detangles her daughters hair gently and easily.  Our technicians agree that it is the most gentle brush they've used when brushing out  tangles on our wigs & hair additions.  It literally slides through wet hair- which is when your hair is most susceptible to damage so having a brush that minimizes hair loss and additional damage can make all the difference in the longevity of your wig or hair addition.
We think this brush is miraculous!   I would love to hear from you regarding your personal experience using "The Wet Brush" Detangling Shower Brush!
Order it now from our on-line store at;
Judi Collier
Luxor Professional "The Wet Brush" Detangling Shower Brush
 Eliminate tangles quickly and painlessly with Luxor Professional's The Wet Brush Detangling Shower Brush. This brush comb can be used on wet or dry hair and is perfect for all hair types. It features a soft, rubberized non-slip grip for a secure, comfortable hold and the flexible bristles detangles hair with ease.


·         Ouchless detangler and massager
·         Works great on wet and dry hair
·         Perfect for men, women and kids
·         For thick, curly and straight hair
·         Soft flexible bristles detangles hair with ease
·         Soft,rubberized non-slip grip for a secure, comfortable hold
·         One per order

Why give to the National Trichotillomania Learning Center?

Happy Holidays Everyone!

I hope this season finds you & your family well & happy.  For those of you living with Trichotillomania the stress of the holidays can be challenging for both you and your support network of family & friends.  

The good news is; you don't have to go through this alone!  The National Trichotillomania Learning Center provides treatment option information, support group contact information and a WEALTH of other resources to help.   I urge those of you who can give to donate what you can to this wonderful organization so they can expand their reach to help even more people in the coming year.

Below is some general information from their website with links to the highlighted information - if you have not yet taken a look at their website - CHECK IT OUT!   It's awesome! 

As always I welcome your comments and questions.


Judi Collier


If you are looking for information, support, and resources for trichotillomania (TTM), skin picking and other body-focused behaviors, you have come to the right place. TLC is a non-profit organization working with the world's leading clinicians and researchers to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information possible.

You will find a wealth of resources on this website, including treatment overviews,books and videos, online discussion groups, and helpful advice about finding a therapist or starting a support group. We hope you will join us at one of the local events we hold all across the country - they are a great way to meet other families coping with these problems.

If you can't find what you need on this website, pleasecontact us. We also urge you to become a Member of TLC. As a member, you will receive a comprehensive information packet, including complete local treatment contacts. Your support enables us to provide critical services, including this website, to the millions of adults and children suffering with these disorders

Follea of Beverly Hills LUXURY HAIR COLLECTION at William Collier Design


Hi Everyone,

If you haven't seen our Luxury hair collection - believe me you won't want to miss it!

 These all-hand-tied, ultra-premium virgin Russian hair wigs  are the rarest, most sought after hair available. The authenticity, luster, radiant shine and natural movement of this hair is the reason it is chosen by celebrity stylists around the world. Often referred to as "Russian Hair" it is purchased from willing donors in the former USSR and Eastern Europe. In our 30 years in the hair replacement industry we consider this be the finest hair available on the market today.  
This hair is selected by hand from the best, Russian hair. The cuticle is intact and double drawn - which means it is hand selected from the top 10% of all the Russian hair and then it is reviewed a second time and only the premium hairs are selected.
The Luxury hair collection come in over 20 styles with a luxurious Freestyle, French Top. You have the option to choose either blended colors or natural looking, rooted color models. Each hair is hand-tied into the wig with ONE hair per knot - which achieves the most natural, flowing hair lines available allowing for the hair to be parted in any way you desire.  
This hair is most responsive to light color tones, the base tones are chosen for minimal processing. This hair has amazingly rich color & radiant shine - it is stunningly beautiful hair & you will look gorgeous wearing it.
To see and touch & feel the hair yourself, call or email us for a complimentary consultation appointment. We also have the ability to provide out-of-state consultations via the internet and phone.
As always I welcome your comments and questions!
Judi Collier

NEW!! Affordable, "NATUREAL" synthetic hair options at William Collier Design!

 Hi Everyone,

I am very excited to tell you about a new, affordable hair replacement option at William Collier Design - it's called "Natureal Fiber" and it is SO close to real hair it's hard to tell the difference.  These new designs are 100% hand tied so the hair flows like real hair on a scalp. 

The construction is comfortable, lightweight and breathable & the color won't fade because it's synthetic.  Unlike other, less natural looking synthetic wigs these do not have such a bright, artificial shine to them and you can use curling iron's & blow dryers on this hair to achieve the perfect style. 

Come in for a free consultation to see, touch & feel the hair or call us for more information.


As always, I welcome your comments and questions!


Judi Collier

10 Tips for Managing Holiday Stress from the National Trichotillomania Website

Don't Let the Holiday Season Bring You Down:
10 Tips for Managing Overload During the Busiest Time of the Year
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Now that the long Thanksgiving weekend is behind us, the

holiday season and its many celebrations have begun. Every day, we hear messages of joy, love and peace. But for many, depression and anxiety often run high around the holiday season, and those messages of joy may make it harder to cope with negative feelings. Plus, with increased depression and anxiety, we often experience an increase in urges to pull or pick. Rather than let these feelings and behaviors get the best of us during this time of celebration and joy, it can be helpful to recognize our holiday triggers and plan coping strategies in advance.


Keep reading: 10 Tips to Manage Holiday Stress and Avoid Pulling or Picking Overwhelm 

With Love,


TLC is a non-profit organization devoted to ending the suffering caused by hair pulling and skin picking. We depend on members to make our website and all our services possible. Members receive:

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In Honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month - We are donating 10% of sales...

Hi Everyone,

We have the privilege of being part of the support team for many women facing Breast Cancer - in honor of their courage and fighting spirit we have decided to donate 10% of ALL retails sales for the Month of October from any product in our store (or from our on-line store) to the Susan G. Komen foundation for Breast Cancer Research.

We encourage women to get a mammogram - early detection really IS the key.  I'm just got my 2nd one this week and while it's not as much fun as girl nite out,  there is tremendous satisfaction in taking control of your physical well being and I was in and out in 10 minutes.   NO BIGGIE! As always we welcome your questions & comments and we send all our love to those women fighting the good fight - stay strong!


Much love,


Judi Collier 

Introducing Follea's New Gripper Cap Wigs - a new option for vacuum fit wearer's

Hi Everyone,

I am so excited to share a sensational new product line with you that has been developed especially for women with little or no hair.   It requires NO tape or glue, yet provides a secure, confident fit.  And unlike a the old vacuum fit wigs on the market, they are light, breathable, comfortable and natural looking. 

These wigs are perfect for women living with Alopecia Totalis or Universalis.  This line was 2 years in the making - the women who participated in the market research for the Gripper prototype were all previous Follea wearers and/or vacuum fit wearers - they have all given the new "Gripper Cool"  2 Thumbs Up!  It's especially great for sport enthusiasts and people with active lifestyle's.

Follea offer's the "Gripper Cool" in 3 styles, 9 colors and 3 cap sizes - available immediately!  Call or email us to schedule a complimentary consultation appointment to see this new line.

They can also make to order the other gripper types; Gripper Sport; Gripper Active and Gripper Luxe.  Any of Follea's Luxury or Lifestyle wigs can be madewith the Gripper Cap construction for an additional charge.

We LOVE this new line and we think you will too - call or email us with any questions or check out more information on our website at

Trichotillomania One Day Event Here in Seattle! On Phinney Ridge!


Event Details
Do you feel you’ve tried everything, and nothing works?
Are you worried that you will live with pulling and picking behaviors for the rest of your life?
Do you seek deeper understanding of your child’s behavior, and strategies to better assist them?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, this educational workshop is for you.
Join Christina Pearson, Founding Director of the Trichotillomania Learning Center, author, recovered hair puller and skin picker, as she delves into the underlying causes of these behaviors and provides key tools for recovery. Learn about advances in research and treatment of trichotillomania, skin picking and related problems.  Discover the latest developments in neurobiology and genetics, and the different models of cognitive treatment.  Spend the afternoon learning exercises and techniques designed to strengthen awareness and control of these behaviors in the daily healing process. We will end the day with a wrap-up Question and Answer session and community building activities.

This workshop is appropriate for ages 14 and older.
TLC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 
This program is a fundraiser: all proceeds support TLC’s ongoing effort to decrease the isolation and increase the knowledge of these disorders.

Limited partial scholarships and payment plans are available. For information,
contact the TLC office.

9:30am:    Opening Introductions Interactive Exercises   
We will begin with an overview of the day, followed by orientation excercises designed to prepare attendees for this day of learning and self-exploration.

10:00am:    Getting Grounded in What We Know:
Advances in Recent Research and Emerging Treatment Directions
Christina will present an intriguing overview of the latest scientific findings in the field of neurobiology, and the implications of these findings for trichotillomania and skin picking.  Next, new data on genetics, animal modeling, and cognitive behavioral therapy advances will be discussed. We will also review recent analyses of pulling and picking problems, and how to effectively make headway in reducing unwanted behaviors.  This morning presentation will lay the groundwork for the afternoon sessions, where we will learn much more experientially how to put some of this knowledge to use in our daily lives.

11:45am:    LUNCH:   On Your Own
There are several restaurants nearby in the neighborhood – we will provide a list.  You are also welcome to bring your own lunch and snacks.

1:00pm:    Developing Mindfulness &Intentional Focus Techniques to Support Treatment
As we learned in the morning session, a great deal of focus in the past few years has centered on developing “intentional awareness,” or mindfulness, as a core component of newer forms of Cognitive Behavioral Therapies - such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), both of which have been found helpful for compulsive hair pulling.  This session will review these concepts, along with ways to identify how these techniques can be applied to our daily lives. Finally, we will practice three experiential exercises, with the goal of discovering the point at which new and healthier choices can be made in response to impulses to pull and pick.

2:30pm:    Break

3:00pm:    Where the Rubber Meets the Road:  Putting to Use What We Have Learned
Going deeper in applying what we have learned, we will spend time practicing and  clarifying the use of these techniques, and identify how to insert them into everyday living. Ultimately the goal is to invite in, and then reinforce, new positive behaviors, in     such a way that unwanted negative behaviors are eventually crowded out!

4:00pm:    Wrap-up Question & Answer Period   
During this final session we will address questions and concerns, followed by developing an individual roadmap to support ongoing recovery.  Networking and goodbyes to follow!

4:30pm:    Closure and home
Event Cancellation Policy:
Cancellations must be received in writing via email, mail or fax. Voice-mail messages are not valid or accepted. Cancellation deadline dates are as follows:
Up to 30 days prior to the event: TLC will cancel your registration and issue a refund of paid registration fees, minus a $25.00 processing fee.

29-10 days prior to the event: TLC will cancel your registration and issue a refund of paid registration fees, minus a $60.00 late cancellation-processing fee, regardless of the reason for the cancellation (including medical emergencies).

10 days prior up through event date:
No refunds will be issued, regardless of the reason for the cancellation (including medical emergencies). TLC cannot make exceptions to this policy, as we must prepay most meeting expenses.

We have Brazilian Gloss Treatments Available!

Hi Everyone,

I wrote a previous blog article about our new Brazilian (Keratin) smoothing treaments - but it bears repeating because the effects are SO AWESOME!  We have had multiple clients experience long lasting, smoothing and moisturizing results with just one application of the treatment. 

You can schedule a complimentary consulation to learn more about it with Echo, our Brazilian Gloss Technician, or feel free to call or email us with your questions. 

Warm Regards,

Judi Collier


 About our Brazilian keratin treatment:

Brazilian Gloss keratin hair treatment is a brazilian hair straightening product that smoothes hair with ingredients that are formaldhyde free and works beautifully on curly hair, frizzy hair, and even damaged hair. Unlike other products, you do not have to wait up to three days before rinsing your hair - Brazilian Gloss is an Instant Formula with no processing time.  Brazilian Gloss utilizes nourishing proteins and natural keratin to help smooth and straighten your hair and improve the overall health of your hair. 

Brazilian Gloss works with curly hair, wavy hair, and frizzy hair and does not affect the color of your hair whether it be natural or colored - it actually helps lock in your hair color. Brazilian Gloss will help retain your hair color and help to straighten it with keratin, panthenol, and vitamins to remove frizz giving you smooth and shiny hair every day for up to 12 weeks

Because our keratin hair treatment is not a permanent treatment, it gradually washes out over time, so your hair will return to its original form without any demarcation lines or damage.  The more you receive the treatment, the healthier and more manageable the hair becomes.  It will require less blow drying and flat ironing time.  Since you don't have to use blow-dryers and flat-irons on a daily basis, overall damage will be prevented and your hair will be its healthiest ever.

Brazilian Gloss is a 100% brazilian hair straightening treatment that helps you solve your curly and damaged hair problems easily and effectively. The formula adds a glossy look to the hair and in addition to reducing frizz, reduces waves and curls to varying degrees depending on your desired result.  This Brazilian style of hair straightening is known by various names such as a keratin treatment and Brazilian keratin hair treatment. 

FYI...below is my original blog article in case you missed it:
This revitalizing and rejuvenating treatment eliminates frizz and curl by depositing the protein deep into the hair – we then use a flat iron to penetrate & close down the cuticle. This keeps your hair or hair replacement system smooth, supple & relaxes the curl. This is NOT a chemical – so you can continuously re-apply the product without causing any damage.
One of our top technicians, Echo, has used the product on one of our client’s hair replacement systems that had become damaged and slightly matted – the results were fantastic! The hair looked and felt like the finest silk – our client was thrilled, and after speaking with her this afternoon (3 weeks later) she said it STILL looks and feels wonderful!
This treatment is time & labor intensive, we are hand-painting the Keratin Complex onto EACH strand of hair - the average application time is 2 hours and the cost is $100.00 per hour. If you are interested in learning more about this or scheduling a treatment for yourself – please call us at (206)441-3242 or toll-free at 1-877-457-2322.
All my best,
Judi Collier




More Univera News....

Hi Again,
I have had requests for Malinda to give more detail as to what Univera products worked for her during her chemo and radiation treatments...below are her additional comments;
Judi Collier
Having just experienced chemo therapy I have to thank Univera again. My blood work stayed strong and now my energy level is back to doing the things I love with endurance. Yoga, hiking, swimming, spin cycling and dancing with the stars...(the twinkling kind) is what I'm taking about! Thank you Univera!

Getting the news in July '09 that I had stage three Her 2 positive breast cancer was simply unbelievable!
Yet, it was true. There was a 6 cm tumor making a bigger and bigger home for itself in my right breast.
I decided to go with the most integrated treatment at the time being Adjunctive Chemo Therapy in order to save my breast.
During my three month weekly IV visits I POUNDED my beloved Univera products as well as Mind and Body therapies.

Here's what I took during my treatment:

6 Rythmatics
6 Regenifree
6 Ageless Vitality
6 oz Ageless Xtra concentrate
4 Anti Stress
4 Super Immune
3 S4 Sleep
2 servings of Metagreens
6 oz Aloe Gold
4 Aloe Protect or the L'initie Capsules

The Univera mantra I am completely vested in is this....Push UP on REPAIR and DOWN on DAMAGE !
Sisters and Brothers, I am here to say the Chemo Therapy certainly pushes up on the  oxidative stress damage so GIMMIE THE ANTIOXIDENT  REPAIR!
I am here to say I had fabulous results. I truly enjoyed all he benefits of cell renewal, vital energy support and maximum absorption, getting even my Chemo Therapy to work better,
(my own humble opinion)
I am happy to share my good news and will continue to update this blog on more good news as time rolls on.



UNIVERA - for your health!

 Hi Everyone,

I have been introduced to a new line of health products by UNIVERA - they are made with the highest standards of quality with a focus on renewing and energizing your physical body. 

Best of Nature, Best of Science

Univera, working in close conjunction with our sister company Unigen, has developed unique, proprietary ingredients and products to address the root causes of aging and help people to lead longer, healthier, and more vital lives. With 30 years of research, including the sciences of genomics and proteomics, examining the effect of natural products at the DNA level, we are a pioneer in healthy aging and wellness.

  • World leader in medicinal plant research
  • Over 50 full-time scientists on staff
  • Rigorous independent and internal clinical research studies
  • Industry leader with more than 160 patents and patents pending
  • World's largest functional medicinal plant library containing over 10,000 plants and 250,000 plant fractions, with thousands more being added weekly

You can learn more at;

Below is an article written by a friend of mine who credits Univera with assisting her to successfully battle Cancer...

As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions!

Warm Regards,

Judi Collier

Having been through the fire of "modern" chemo, radiation and surgery therapies   I feel the blessing of "Renewal" on the other side with EXCELLENT RESULTS and I am THANKFUL! The Plant Science of Univera's cutting edge products help balance my system and brought a whole new meaning of Integrated Medicine to my life.
I learned through experience how the Ryhmatics, Ageless Xtra and Prime can get the repair working to get damage down big time. My blood work stayed strong and my energy level is back to doing the things I love with endurance. 

RENEWAL is on my license plate. I believe in the power of renewal and am willing to receive all the help I can get! Check out this website to learn more about Univera. I love it!!!
I entered this painting in a national competition and titled it "Renewal". On my walk through the woods I found a Giant Maple tree with hips and breasts reaching up.
Cancer is partly about communication with in our own system.
Mother Earth is our own system.
She needs our healing love too. Having just experienced chemo therapy I have to thank Univera again.  My blood work stayed strong and now my energy level is back to doing the things I love with endurance. Yoga, hiking, swimming, spin cycling and dancing with the stars...(the twinkling kind) is what I'm taking 
about! Thank you Univera!


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