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    William Collier Design is proud to be a Premier Certified Follea Atelier…

    Follea designs and manufactures the most beautiful natural human hair creations in the World, including “beauty wear”, custom hair, natural wigs, and other added hair for women.

    “Claiming to be the best might seem like a bold claim, but we challenge you to look and feel our hair and judge for yourself. The luster, shine, lightness, and manageability of our creations will show you there is no better choice to achieve the highest form of natural beauty.”

    At Follea, they don’t hire “workers or staff”. They hire artisans who work with diligence and an eye for perfection. Their colorists require a two-year training program and they have over 60 people who specialize in their unique TruLife™ Precision Coloring Process.

    Their quality control regimen requires eight steps by thirty highly-skilled people. They employ Section Chiefs to oversee each step and everyone from their CEO to their receptionist knows, respects, and LOVES hair.


    Follea founder Daniel Hafid is a second-generation wig-maker. After twenty years in the hair creation business, Daniel founded Follea in 2000 with the vision to create the world’s finest hair company. He brings to the hair industry a passion for the highest standards of luxury, glamour, and “hair couture”.

    Tens of thousands of satisfied women-wearers can’t be wrong. In spite of many other choices, they have generally paid much more to choose Follea hair ~ often without knowing they were Follea-made.

    Rather than start with lesser quality dark and inferior hair, Follea’s natural, fine hair comes in 30 radiant base colors prior to any high or low-lighting process. Then they work with the hair to create the most lifelike finished creation that the industry has ever seen.

    Follea is capable of customized hair creations with many different types of styles, colors, textures, densities and hair characteristics. Their experienced craftspeople are meticulous and unmatched in their abilities.

    From the hair’s origins to the natural look and feel of the finished product, Follea’s exacting specifications and processes ensure the finest, most reassuringly undetectable hair creations available.


    One look at Follea’s award-winning factory ~ organized, spotless, spacious and beautiful ~ and it is immediately apparent that the philosophy behind the products applies to their place of manufacturing. The equipment, from the vessels used to wash the hair, to the light bulbs used to illuminate the facilities, are more than just considered, they are purpose-designed.

    Whereas other companies may put 50 kilos of hair into huge vats to wash, bleach or lighten, Follea only treats 150 grams of hair at a time, thus assuring a much higher degree of quality control. They even spend thousands of dollars on special light bulbs from Holland to assure the correct number of pure light lumens under which to inspect the hair.


    “We import only the finest available hair from Europe and other top quality sources of fine natural hair. Then we carefully sort it by ethnicity, color, and texture.”

    Natural hair of varying ethnicities have three principle textures or denier ~ the diameter of the single hair strand ~ which are coarse, medium and fine. The Follea artisans are specially trained to sort and select only the fine denier and delicate textures.

    Next, these are separated into natural formations or patterns: known more commonly as straight, natural body, wavy, and curly. This process is very time consuming and exacting. Roots must remain with roots; End cuts with end cuts. Lengths must be precise and no shorter hair is ever put in to bulk it up. Follea artisans are trained to find even ONE imprecise hair in a 150 gram bundle.

    FOLLEA sells only to top echelon trade and salon professionals that maintain stringent requirements for those who stock and resell their merchandise….we are honored to be among the top echelon!

    A broad range of natural hair collections are available, to include, top of the head hair additions, fringes (bangs), and full head systems (wigs) ~ pre-made or custom.

    We invite you to come in for a complimentary consultation so that you can see and feel the hair first hand.

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